Reduce stress and anxiety. Stop overthinking.

Start Living. Reduce stress. Reduce anxiety. Heal your life.

Are you ready?

I believe you can achieve a quieter mind, relief from physical and emotional pain, and insight into who you are.



  • You want to quiet your racing thoughts know how to deal with your fears
  • You want to thrive in business and in your personal life, instead of “trying to stay afloat”
  • You want to  become a better leader, partner, and/or parent

Reduce stress and anxiety. Stop overthinking. Start living


My goal is to help you become free of your limiting beliefs, empowered, resilient, and feeling whole.

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“Words that come to mind when I think of Edita and her work include: genuine, skilled, committed and honest. These are all crucial gifts that she brings to her interactions, and certainly ones that she shared with me during my life coaching sessions.

I sought out Edita as guide and mentor, to help me “re-view” and reconnect with the life I was living. She helped me enormously to do that; to see and feel the truth about my connection with the Universe and with myself. It’s hard to put into words the true value of that, but to me it is and was a great gift, one that I continue to integrate into my daily practice.

I know Edita could have chosen a mainstream career that would have yielded more material wealth and status. Instead, she has chosen to follow her heart and soul as a teacher and guide to those of us who have become a little (or a lot) lost in our own busyness, our own “doing”.

I recommend her without reservation to anyone who seeks help and guidance in “being”. Edita is an experienced and gifted life-teacher.”

Dr. Ed Hughes MB ChB MSc FRCS(C), Professor Emeritus, McMaster University